Benefits of Leasing

Planning on Leasing a New Kia? Come to Hendrick Kia Charlotte.

Hendrick Kia Charlotte Offers the Following Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Lease Experience.

Leasing a new Kia Optima or Candenza Sedan or a Sorento or Sportage crossover can make great sense, depending on your lifestyle and financial situation.

  • Lower payments. First and foremost, if you're on a budget, monthly lease payment are usually lower than monthly finance payments. This is because you're only paying for your usage of the vehicle over the term of your lease.
  • Coverage for Major Repairs and Maintenance. If you're leasing a new Kia for three years, your manufacturer warranty will over any major repairs that may arise during that time. Furthermore, you can also purchase coverage for all regularly scheduled maintenance to minimize the cost of oil changes, tire rotations and brake pad replacements, among other issues that tend to crop up.
  • No-Hassle, End-of-Lease Turnovers. If you take good care of your Kia, keep your mileage under the annual limit (typically between 10,000 and 15,000 miles depending on your arrangement), and generally avoid excess wear and tear, you can usually drop off your Kia at lease-end and walk away. Of course, if you've grown particularly fond of your Optima or Sportage, you may want to consider purchasing your vehicle outright for a price that's usually below market value, or you may want to automatically transition to a lease of the latest Kia model.
Whatever you decide, our sales professionals and finance specialists at Hendrick Kia Charlotte are here to help. We can talk about you needs in terms of a new vehicle, help you compare models, and put together a new lease agreement that works with your budget. Come by our Charlotte dealership at your convenience, or give us a call at (888) 294-4793 to set up an appointment and see our newest Kia models.

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